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About Me

Let me tell you a story

It was a Sunday morning in January.  The kettle was boiling to make the first cup of tea of the day and I was gazing out the window lost in my own little world.  The unexpected fog had the sun attempting to shine through; giving sparkle to the frost and creating silhouettes of the birds.  The kind of weather that makes you want to get wrapped up and go out for a walk.

That’s what we did.  Partly due to the weather but mostly because I needed a picture of myself for this website.  We went down to the coast and by the time we got there the sun had broken through.
The loveliness was broken slightly with me trying to direct my non-photographer boyfriend on how to operate a camera he’d never used before while hating being on the opposite side of the lens.  But I can’t have been that bad because he’s now my husband.

My hat was a jokey birthday present from my best friend after randomly telling her that “I really do suit hats”.  My scarf is a recent Christmas present; which I love because it’s got unicorns on it.  My makeup was hastily painted on because we were trying to get out in a bit of a rush.

every picture, no matter how simple, tells a story.

When I look at that picture, it brings back everything about that morning in the run up to taking it.  For me, that is what is great about photography: capturing amazing moments and the unseen memories.