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Family Shoot in Oxfordshire

The Dunn Family


Hey Gemma Bear,

I thought I’d write you a letter.

You are the one who understands when I over-think things and get myself all tangled up in thoughts and say sorry all the time.  You are the one who taught me how to change into a bikini in public without becoming naked.  Despite our age we can still remember our dance routines to: Wake me up before you go-go, True Blue and Dirty Dancing (although the last one is a little hazy).  

When I think about you tripping up and throwing sausages on the floor before we blew the grass off them and stuck them on the BBQ, I still laugh.  I still laugh when I think about us getting sugar-highed on haribo on the way to Jules’ wedding and you shouted “KNNNNNOBBBB” at the guy in the car next to us.

I remember your first dose of alcohol poisoning due to our excessive ‘White Lightning’ consumption – yeah, sorry about that.  I’m glad that I took you with me to the toilet that night out in Liverpool because I knew I’d never find you again because I was drunk.  Thanks for knocking on the cubicle door after waiting ten minutes to wake me up.

You introduced me to the word ‘canoodle’ and send me book suggestions on Mindfulness you think I’ll find useful.  You were the first person I saw when I got out of the car at my Gran’s funeral when we were 15.  We were the ones who didn’t have appropriate rain wear in Wales and the other 2 slags were mad at us.

We have our own hedgehog noise, I love that.  

It’s all been my privilege including these shots of you and your treasures.

With all my love. xx

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