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“It’s such an amazing thing to stand up in front of your family & friends and say:

I choose this person…”

When we got married I wanted to remember every single little last bit of the day.  I didn’t want, what we in our family affectionately call, “one for the wall”.  I wanted an entire collection of images that we’ll share with our future family and bore the pants off them by recounting every last bit of the day.  All the little things, the funny faces, laughter, tears – everything.  It was so important to us to have a photographer there who ‘got us’ and would not just be there but to share our day with us.  

That’s what I give you: the story of your day from start to finish.  My package covers everything from preparations through to first dance.


sound like you?

Awesome. Get in touch and we’ll talk/text/email/Skype/FaceTime/Facebook message/Tweet (you get the picture).  Don’t worry – it’s not a hard sell.  I hate a hard sell and wouldn’t inflict one on you.  For me, photography is as much an emotional investment as a financial one and I don’t believe in pressuring you into something.  I’ll send you some lovely details, let’s have a natter and see if we ‘get’ each other.  Because when you ‘get’ each other – that’s when the magic happens. xx